Are you on a mission to bring more movements for your back and hips into your day to day life? Well then you are in the right place!


After teaching dance, movement and Pilates for over a decade, I saw an opportunity for a new, more flexible approach to moving the body mindfully but playfully. I wanted to develop a creative way to relieve back pain and bring fun back into the body and spine.

After testing and refining my approach with my students over years, I've created a unique Free Your Spine “move little and often” approach to make my method accessible to people everywhere.

Who is it for?

I've designed the course to be accessible for everyone from total beginners to experienced professionals, including:

  • Anyone who has experienced back pain or tight hips as a result of sedentary living

  • Anyone who sits for too long from your nine to fiver to your self employed entrepreneur

  • Anyone who is time pressed to get to the gym and wants to start their day off moving their spine from the comfort of their own home


  • 3 new LIVE workouts a week. Monday = BACK, Wednesday = HIPS Friday = CORE. Routines change each week so you don't get bored.

  • Early bird invitations to Free Your Spine events, training and workshops run;

  • Exclusive offers on one to one private classes, in person and online;

  • Access to the amazing Free Your Spine community on Facebook

  • Email support for any questions you have on the course

As with all physical activity programmes, please make sure you have read the safety guidelines and terms and conditions, which you can find here.

Get started today, register your interest and give your mind and spine the freedom it deserves.

Nicola x